Aug 182011

For a few days I had limited access to the internet hence no posts for a while.

A few months ago I was fortunate to meet Renée. We both attended one of the F-stop meetings being held at Mpls Photo Center. She caught my attention immediately not only by her looks but the way she was behaving, just sitting there relaxed, knitting something. It seemed like company of couple of dozen strangers is the most cozy environment one can wish for. Well… one of those strangers (that is me, the stalker) was about to approach her and say that she is a beautiful woman and he would be more than happy to take some photos of her (BTW, I almost never do that, seriously). She graciously agreed and after a few weeks we arranged a small shoot.

We thought about going to a park but since we didn’t have too much time (two hours) we’ve decided to stay at her place as there was a nice small garden behind the building. I really enjoy having peaceful and calm atmosphere on my photos and it seemed that this location was going to be the right one for that. I just wish I had some nice glasses to put on a counter there, maybe also a cigarette or a big hat  in the style of Audrey Hepburn for Renée.

We shot a few photos outside and then decided to move inside. Light inside was quite challenging – light sources with different temperatures I couldn’t easily remove from the scene, mirrors in the background, etc. But it was a good excuse to focus entirely on Renée. I have to say that for me she resembles Audrey Hepburn – eyebrows, big dark eyes, face structure, overall delicate appearance. Maybe one day we’ll try to follow this lead? Just for fun.

On my way out I spotted another place on a mezzanine storey – quite small place (2 sq m) with an interesting light source (very small window). So just for fun we stopped and took a few more shots. Quite fortunate I was as this last portrait is one of my favorite ones of her.


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  1. These photos, and Svetlana’s too, are wonderful! Glad to see you’ve started the blog,


  2. I love the fourth foto. It is just amazing.

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