Aug 282011

I honestly thought I took those photos long time ago, but apparently it has only been six months since. Not so bad after all…

Svetlana got in touch with me and asked if I was interested in taking photos of her. It was a bit different assignment than usual as she was 7 months pregnant. Of course I agreed.

We met for a coffee first, as I always prefer to do (rarely I go on a portraiture shooting without knowing better the person who is going to be in front of my camera). She was wearing a winter coat and you could barely see that this elegant woman was even pregnant.

We talked for about two hours and I clearly remember that I wanted to take out my camera and shoot a few test photos (my way of making my models feel more comfortable on the actual shooting). The setting was one of my favorite ones: we sat next to a big window and nice diffused light was coming in through it. Unfortunately in the background there was some guy with a son and the kid was wearing a bright orange jacket… C’mon! I know it is easier to spot those little brats in snow dressed like that but those colors might ruin other peoples photos! (and yes, I know I could use PS to fix that later…).

After a few weeks we met again in a studio to do the shooting. It was not supposed to be a regular pregnancy shoot, that is with a husband, romantic looks, hearts on a belly, etc. (FYI: if you ask me to do that I will). This shoot was about her. When I think about that it crosses my mind that this might have been the last time she was directly the main subject of attention – after giving birth it would change to “it’s all about the baby” time (maybe with a bit of exaggeration, but…).

I have chosen a few photos to post here but please note: it is not meant to be a series of photos. Most photos are quite different from each other. Allow me to give you just different tags which cross my mind when I see those photos: fun, beauty, elegance, composition, details, curves, shadows.

For example I really enjoy the photo with legs and a box, very simplistic, with a lot of space which almost says “take your time”. Then you can take your time and appreciate shapes and light – on one hand a part of a human body, curved, with a subtle game of shadows, on the other a box (cuboid), plain and simple. The balance between those two makes the photo interesting for me.

Hope you will find those photos interesting too.

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