Sep 042011

It should have been earlier post as the following photos, I think, were one of the first ones of mine where I liked B&W tonality. But first things first…

Rebecca came to Minneapolis just for a few days and most of her time was already scheduled with other duties. I think I had only few hours in total to: introduce myself to her (or have someone else introduce me, but you know you cannot rely on other people), get us to know each other well enough so that suggesting a small photo shooting is not entirely awkward, convince this beautiful yet very shy woman to agree to that, make her feel comfortable in front of a camera and take photos, which she actually likes.

I mentioned B&W at first because Rebecca’s photos gave me this strong incentive to work on B&W tones. Before that very often I was discouraged with what I was getting in post processing. I still have to work on this general set of skills but I was very happy with the result I got here.

Clear, warm and reach tones, which show her beauty, tones which play so joyfully on her hair. Great subject to photograph and I hope I will have another opportunity to take more photos of her.

There is one more thing which is very important for me and which I mentioned already. It is very rewarding when you are successful making other person feel comfortable in your company. On the photos I no longer see that shy girl I met just a few days earlier. Go through the photos and look for yourself.

BTW, I added one color photo to this set. Colors of the background were altered as I do not like green so much. I shifted green towards yellow a bit, to make the photo warmer. A few small adjustments (curves, etc.) and I ended up with a photo which, in my opinion, has great colors, which go together very well and make the photo quite enjoyable to watch. Hope you’ll enjoy it too.


Update: it is obvious that different people see the same photos in a different light. Things get more interesting (in my opinion) when there is personal involvement… You may actually learn something about that person… Below is Rebecca’s favorite photo of herself.

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  1. Synku widzę, że realizujesz swoje marzenia i pragnienia w różnych dziedzinach życia. Tak trzymaj. Z całego serca życzę Tobie powodzenia w tych dążeniach. Jestem z Tobą. serdecznie pozdrawiam. Tatuś.
    P.S. Zapomniałem dodać, że bardzo mi podoba się Twoja reklama internetowa. Trzymam kciuki za jej szerokie rozpowszechnienie. J.K.

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