Feb 292012

Well… it has been a while since my last post. The reason is that… well… I have many reasons but maybe I should not make any excuses.

So as you may know I like to shoot people who are NOT professional models. I just like challenges… Imagine, all the obstacles on your way… “I don’t want to be photographed”, “I don’t like myself on photos”, “I have never had any photo taken of me which I liked”, and so on… On top of that quite often this is the first or the second time I meet those people in my life and I need to make them feel comfortable in front of my camera. Now that’s a challenge! :) It’s so much easier when you’re taking photos of a person who likes to be photographed and who you have known for a long time… But then where’s the challenge?!

Some time ago Ryan contacted me asking if I could take some photos of him. I thought “why not? this might be even more challenging”. You may ask why more challenging? I think the reason is that so far I have had very little (next to zero) experience taking photos of men. It is just different than taking photos of a woman.

As with all my models we first met to get to know each other and talk about ideas for a shoot. In my company he seemed to be very shy but I wanted to portray him as a very masculine figure (his face structure is appropriate for that I think), so this was a challenge for me. “Why challenge?” you say… Well, I think human’s basic instincts kick in when you see a big lens aiming at you and behind the camera there is a guy who has (probably ;)) 100 lbs of weight advantage. I myself wouldn’t feel comfortable in a situation like that.

You can see below what we have managed to get. I myself am quite satisfied with the results. The photo with stairs in the background was one of the last ones and you can see how natural he is there. I especially enjoy that photo also because of the colors there…

Feel free to post comments and stay tuned for another post in a few days…

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