Jul 312011

On my way back from Vancouver I was “fortunate” to get the last seat on my plane in the sense of location, that is the last row and the seat next to a window. I was quite unhappy as it had so little room for legs. Moreover, since the plane was full we were politely asked to put only one piece of luggage in the overhead compartment. So I took my not so small bag and stuffed it in the last portion of free space available. I tell you, I was not happy.


every cloud has a silver lining…

This sequence of not so fortunate events (and actually there were even more of them, but do not want to bore you) led me to sit in the best place on the plane and with my camera next to me (!) to photograph a storm we encountered on our way back. Here’s one photo (24mm, 1 sec, f/4.0, ISO 3200):

Looking back I have to say I’m happy I was so “unfortunate”.


Jul 272011

Shortly after my first post I’m writing the second one. Of course I’m not expecting myself to be so prolific in the future but who knows?

So what’s with Just go for it? It’s a phrase which shows up in my head in different situations and is not always directed towards me but also other people. This also reminds me of a phrase which a friend of mine posted recently:

Once you overcome the fear of looking stupid, the world suddenly becomes a giant playground.

Another version is What are you afraid of? But bear with me. The common denominator, I suppose, is that many of us (majority) are restricting ourselves from actions which would bring potential gains even though potential losses are unlikely and small. Common sense should say: expected outcome is positive and very likely.

Since this is something which I encounter almost every day you may be sure to read about it now and then.

Enough chit-chat, you say, and show me a photo. Here it is:

I took it on my recent trip to Vancouver. While having a walk I spotted this couple and found the scenery somehow beautiful (although now I think I should have used higher f-stop, but maybe it’s not a relevant point here). I looked at the result and thought “Well… If I were them I’d really like to have that photo“. So I waved towards them hoping naively that they will go for it, come over and take the photo. Nothing like that. Once the guy spotted me he timidly waved back and quickly took off. :) To be honest I’m quite sure that the girl, if she had saw me, would be more likely to take the risk and talk with me.

To, somehow, prove my last statement I may show you a photo which I took on my last trip to Chicago.

Once I showed the photo to this couple the guy was not so interested. The girl, on the other hand, was quite enthusiastic and happy to get it touch later to get the photo from me.

Well, to be honest this is not the best example of this previous claim of mine, as I soon found out they got engaged couple of minutes after that photo was taken :) So the guy, after all, had a good excuse to get me out of the picture then.