Aug 252012

Before I go to the main part of this post let me mention that…

I do miss Poland… Every time I have an opportunity to visit this wonderful country I feel great. “What’s so special?”  you may ask. Well… I could elaborate, but written words wouldn’t do justice. Funny enough, the same reason why I am not able to write those words (in English) is why I can appreciate Poland so much. Every one of us feels and understands his country of upbringing better than non-natives (most probably). And it is difficult or even impossible to explain some things to others.  Some things, on the other hand, do not need any explanation.

By the way – I am not trying to be “mysterious” by not saying anything concrete. I am simply a rather private man who do not want to say too much on a blog :) “So why the hell did you write the previous paragraph?” you might ask. Well, because the process of writing triggers my memory and I can experience some of this stuff again. It can also trigger memory of a reader, if he/she has  memories of his own which fit in that general description. Worth trying…

Actually there is a concrete thing which I can share! A picture (or two) is worth more than a thousand words, so here it is:

It was a typical lunch my mother prepared, but the ingredients were so fresh and natural that I almost cried tears of joy. So this is one concrete thing which I miss.

Let us now focus on the main part of the post. So another aspect I miss is people, but this one is more difficult to explain. I am not even sure I fully understand it myself.

Some time ago I wrote a post on how people often do not explore opportunities they encounter. Here is the post. So I witnessed an another situation in this spirit. During my recent trip to Poland I attended a conference and met some new people there. And since I had some free time I mentioned I can take some photos of them (free of charge). To make it short: it was by no means easy… to an extent that some of them actually tried to discourage other ones from using this opportunity. Maybe this behavior is not even worth being mentioned after all…

Fortunately it was not entirely impossible. Here is a photo of one of the participants, Monika, a PhD student in mathematics.

Great result, and it was her first photo session!

After that we attended a bonfire, where one (e.g. me) could enjoy more of wonderful food


Aug 142012

I was expecting this post to be written much earlier, as the photos were taken a few months ago.

You may remember the previous post with Anne, a very professional model and a beautiful young girl. It is always a pleasure to work with her and I hope that in the future I will have an opportunity to post more photos of her on this blog. In the meantime you may want to keep track of her Facebook professional profile.

Photographer: Pawel Konieczny
Model: Anne Winterson (link)
MUA: Soraya Villela
Hair: Abby Miller
Retoucher: Rebecca Thuresson (link)

May 302012

Anne contacted me a few months ago to do a photo shoot together. As always – we first met to get to know each other a bit and discuss some possible projects. After that we had a walk and even took a photo or two. Thanks to the model it was not difficult to get a decent photo right away.

We scheduled another photo shoot shortly after that to work together more before some major project.

The day we met again was beautiful but awfully cold. I really appreciate her professionalism – she was not complaining at all, even when I was proposing to walk to other locations over and over again. She was in good spirits even at the very end. Thank you Anne! :)

As I mentioned earlier getting great photos on this occasion wasn’t our priority (but I think we did it anyway). My goal was to see how “serious” (for lack of a better word) look we can get. You can see how this looks evolved throughout the session.

When I took the last photo (from the gallery) I knew we got it! Actually I remember I said to Anne that it was worth spending so much time in this cold weather just to get this one photo! And I still think so.

In the nearest future I will post more photos of Anne from our last session, so stay tuned – they are worth it!

Aug 182011

For a few days I had limited access to the internet hence no posts for a while.

A few months ago I was fortunate to meet Renée. We both attended one of the F-stop meetings being held at Mpls Photo Center. She caught my attention immediately not only by her looks but the way she was behaving, just sitting there relaxed, knitting something. It seemed like company of couple of dozen strangers is the most cozy environment one can wish for. Well… one of those strangers (that is me, the stalker) was about to approach her and say that she is a beautiful woman and he would be more than happy to take some photos of her (BTW, I almost never do that, seriously). She graciously agreed and after a few weeks we arranged a small shoot.

We thought about going to a park but since we didn’t have too much time (two hours) we’ve decided to stay at her place as there was a nice small garden behind the building. I really enjoy having peaceful and calm atmosphere on my photos and it seemed that this location was going to be the right one for that. I just wish I had some nice glasses to put on a counter there, maybe also a cigarette or a big hat  in the style of Audrey Hepburn for Renée.

We shot a few photos outside and then decided to move inside. Light inside was quite challenging – light sources with different temperatures I couldn’t easily remove from the scene, mirrors in the background, etc. But it was a good excuse to focus entirely on Renée. I have to say that for me she resembles Audrey Hepburn – eyebrows, big dark eyes, face structure, overall delicate appearance. Maybe one day we’ll try to follow this lead? Just for fun.

On my way out I spotted another place on a mezzanine storey – quite small place (2 sq m) with an interesting light source (very small window). So just for fun we stopped and took a few more shots. Quite fortunate I was as this last portrait is one of my favorite ones of her.

Jul 272011

Shortly after my first post I’m writing the second one. Of course I’m not expecting myself to be so prolific in the future but who knows?

So what’s with Just go for it? It’s a phrase which shows up in my head in different situations and is not always directed towards me but also other people. This also reminds me of a phrase which a friend of mine posted recently:

Once you overcome the fear of looking stupid, the world suddenly becomes a giant playground.

Another version is What are you afraid of? But bear with me. The common denominator, I suppose, is that many of us (majority) are restricting ourselves from actions which would bring potential gains even though potential losses are unlikely and small. Common sense should say: expected outcome is positive and very likely.

Since this is something which I encounter almost every day you may be sure to read about it now and then.

Enough chit-chat, you say, and show me a photo. Here it is:

I took it on my recent trip to Vancouver. While having a walk I spotted this couple and found the scenery somehow beautiful (although now I think I should have used higher f-stop, but maybe it’s not a relevant point here). I looked at the result and thought “Well… If I were them I’d really like to have that photo“. So I waved towards them hoping naively that they will go for it, come over and take the photo. Nothing like that. Once the guy spotted me he timidly waved back and quickly took off. :) To be honest I’m quite sure that the girl, if she had saw me, would be more likely to take the risk and talk with me.

To, somehow, prove my last statement I may show you a photo which I took on my last trip to Chicago.

Once I showed the photo to this couple the guy was not so interested. The girl, on the other hand, was quite enthusiastic and happy to get it touch later to get the photo from me.

Well, to be honest this is not the best example of this previous claim of mine, as I soon found out they got engaged couple of minutes after that photo was taken :) So the guy, after all, had a good excuse to get me out of the picture then.